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The One Hit Roofing Hammer/Hatchet

The One Hit roofing
hammer/hatchet is a
necessary tool for 
any serious roofer.
  • Hand nailing made easy
  • Holds your nail on the hatchet head
  • Frees your other hand to hold materials securely
  • Speeds your work and saves you money
  • Helps you do the finest quality job

Easy to use-

You’ll be amazed at the ease of use and increased job productivity this amazing new magnetic hammer/hatchet provides. Instead of holding a nail in position with your fingers, simply place the nail on the magnetized hammer head. Then BANG - One Hit and your nail is securely driven.

Imbedded Super Magnet-

Imbedded in the head of the ONE HIT Roofing Hammer/Hatchet is an amazing new super magnet that makes nailing with one hand simple.

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